At Camira Music, we offer students the opportunity to sit for practical and theory exams through  AMEB_logothe Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB).  AMEB is Australia’s leading provider of examinations for music and their qualifications are recognised across Australia and internationally.


AMEB offers graded examinations for a range of musical instruments (including voice) covering classical, popular and contemporary styles and techniques. Your teacher will take into account your musical tastes and skill level when selecting the most suitable syllabus for you. In general, each exam requires the presentation of work in the following areas:

  • Technical work (eg. Scales)
  • Studies and pieces
  • Aural tests
  • Sight reading
  • General knowledge

Examinations are held throughout the year at both Ipswich and Brisbane locations.



A recent addition to AMEB is the ability to prepare and sit for theory exams online. Students can undertake these examinations in Theory of Music from Grade one to Grade Four. These exams can be completed during an hour music lesson at our studios with the student’s usual teacher supervising. Apart from being convenient, online examinations are perfect for those students that tend to become extremely nervous under standard exam conditions or are yet to build the confidence to sit a practical examination.

Why sit for an exam?

Whilst exams are not for everyone, they can benefit students in a number of ways:

  •  Exams are a great way to set goals – We have found that for some students, having a clearly defined goal such as sitting for an exam, can be a powerful motivating force.
  •  Completing an exam can increase confidence and build self-esteem – Each successful student receives a certificate of achievement from AMEB which validates all the hard work put into their exam preparation. Students that sit practical exams also develop composure through performing in front of others.
  •  Feedback can provide further opportunities to progress – Examiners provide each student with a personal written report that highlights strengths and weaknesses.  This feedback can help to guide development.

Please visit the AMEB website for more information.

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